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33, Maria Theresien Straße


Ilse Adler lived with her mother Alice, née Bauer at 33, Maria Theresien Straße. On the night of the pogrom they were called on by several men who were searching for the father Wilhelm Adler. Without having achieved anything they disappeared again.

At this time Wilhelm Adler was with his daughter at 18, Falkstraße.


Maria Theresien Strasse

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Ilse Adler was married to the Dane Andy Mikkelsen in England and died on September 22nd, 2002.

On January 1st, 2003 Andy Mikkelsen wrote in the guestbook:

"I appreciate this effort of the Innsbruck authorities. My wife Ilse, nee Adler died 22nd September 2002. I am sorry that she did not live to see this memorial to her family. Regards Andy Mikkelsen"

Ilse Adler 1940

Ilse Adler, 1940 (a)




In May 2007 they began to pull down the building 33-35, Maria Theresien Straße, where the former famous department store "Bauer & Schwarz" was located until to its Aryanisation in November 1938.

The architectural competition for the new shopping mall "Kaufhaus Tyrol" was very controversial, but by the end of 2009 the new shopping centre should be established. The adjacent building "Schindlerhaus" will be renovated and the former Café Schindler is going to be reopened.

Maria Theresien Strasse 33, Kaufhaus Tyrol - © Thomas Kleissl

April 1999 © Thomas Kleissl


On 4 March 2010 the new “Kaufhaus Tyrol” was opened. A demonstrator who wanted to draw attention to the Jewish history of the place was forcibly removed and reported to the police because of disturbance of public order, causing undue noise and offence against decency. (1, 2)

On 22 July 2010 a memorial stone was revealed in the lobby of the Kaufhaus Tyrol. Speeches were held by the president of the Jewish religious community Dr. Esther Fritsch, the CEO of Signa Holding Renè Benko, the mayor of Innsbruck Mag. Christine Oppitz-Plörer as well as the president of the Tyrolean parliament DDr. Herwig van Staa. The commemorative lecture was held by historian Dr. Horst Schreiber. (3, 4)


Kaufhaus Tyrol Memorial Stone

Kaufhaus Tyrol - Memorial Stone

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Picture credit: (a) Private ownership © Andy and Peter Mikkelsen



Andy and Peter Mikkelsen - guestbook, various emails

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